Dedicated to Saving Our Community Cats!

Dedicated to Saving Our Community Cats!

Dedicated to Saving Our Community Cats!Dedicated to Saving Our Community Cats!Dedicated to Saving Our Community Cats!

A Program of PALNV



Welcome to our cat cafe!

PALNV partners with The Animal Foundation, TNR Trappers and Colony Feeders to take in cats facing homelessness on the streets and house them in our cafe. Once they are at our cafe, our staff and fosters care for the cats and kittens, working with them to get them ready for adoption. They stay with us until they find their forever homes. As our cats are adopted, we reach out to our partners to bring us more cats and kittens thus being a part of the solution to saving our community cats.

March fundraiser for our community cats!

PAL has taken in over 30 cats in February and now needs your support for medical care. Our goal for March is to raise $500    so we can help cats like Misty. Her living situation was not ideal, so we took her in to Rescued Treasures. She had already given birth to 3 kittens (even though she is only 8 months now) and had come down with an upper respiratory infection. Her kittens went into foster care so they could grow up strong without mama getting them sick. Misty is already getting better with us treating and helping her gain weight with good food and a clean kennel. We have several kittens that are also needing medical care before they can find there forever home. 

     Please consider a donation for medical care today so we

               can continue to help our community cats!  

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Our Cat Cafe


Our Cat Cafe

We offer memberships, a retail gift shop, free WiFi, complimentary beverages and snacks, and best of all adoptable cats and kittens!! 



Check out our Event Calendar for upcoming events. Every Sunday we have an event either in the morning or late afternoon. We also have added birthday parties, business and club meetings,  and special events


Cafe Cats


We have anywhere from 12 to 13 cats plus kittens here at Rescued Treasures Cat Cafe for adoption! Come find your next BFF

Coming Events FOR MARCH

"Dinner and Meovie Night"


Join us for Dinner and Meovie Night at Rescued Treasures Cat Cafe! Friday, March 13th, 6:30 - 9pm. Watch the 2019 "Lion King" movie with our cats and kittens and enjoy a pizza dinner too!

$25 per person/children 12 and under $15

Seating limited to 25!

Bingo and Bagels Cat Brunch


Nothing can be more fun than playing Bingo with a bunch of cats and kittens. Join us on Sunday, March 22nd, 10am-12pm for a rousing game of Bingo and Sunday Brunch. We will be serving bagels and fresh fruit with all the trimmings. 

$25 per person (Seating limited to 20)

Want to learn more about PALNV? Check out our Pets-In-Need Program!